How Copywriting Improves Your Online Traffic

The goal of every business is to attract visitors and turn them into potential customers.  Here is how Copywriters play their part in the process.

There are certain techniques involved in building online traffic.  While designing the website is important, techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing, Headlines, Understanding Your Customer, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Persuading them, and the final step, Taking Action are major guidelines to growing your brand by attracting as many customers as possible.  These techniques serve to establish a digital marketing plan, and though they stand alone, Copywriting is the loop that pulls them all together.


Copywriters use key words which enable search engines to find your website and put it on top.  In order to do this right, they need to research the customer to find out what problems or difficulties they experience, or what portion, or quality they like about the product, service or website.  The key words the customer uses should be included in the Copywriting.  Why? Because they are the same words the customer would use when searching for a product or service.  Google applies this knowledge to decide the relevance of the inquiry.  If not done right the ranking can fall way below the first page of Google. If your business falls below these numbers they probably would not get a click and you lose traffic.  Quite often, visitors would click on the first few items on Google and skip the rest.


Marketing has always been a source that attracts business.  You market your product or service to promote it, to interest the potential customer.  The better the marketing plan the more people become aware of your business.  Just like copywriters research your customer they also study and research your business, discover the benefits of the product or service,  capture those benefits that will appeal to your visitors.  Instead of only writing content, this can also be done by incorporating videos or images unto the web page.  Some people relate more to videos and images more than text.  People remember 2,000 pictures with at least 90% accuracy and it increases the traffic on your website, which, in turn, increases your conversion rate.  Copywriters understand how to incorporate these effects to make a lasting memory on the visitors.


The key to inspire anyone to read any piece of writing is the Headline. Headlines should be unique, with a message of urgency, show the benefits the product or service will provide.  They should be succinct and to the point.  With so much information to read daily, most people prefer to scan through articles, so those that stand-out and are easy to read will be the ones that appeal most, something like an elevator pitch, outlining the essence, but only enough to encourage a curiosity, prompting the reader to find out what is below the headline.  The copywriter understands the importance of this strategy.  They would devote a good amount of time to making that headline the starting point, to read more of the content on the website.

Understanding the Customer

The Copywriter will be able to understand potential customers as mentioned before by researching and studying their habits, their likes and dislikes, who are likely to be interested in your product or service, who is looking for your product or service, and who are probably unhappy with the competition.  They develop an understanding of those customers.  They use this information to strengthen and build content to attract such customers to engage with your business.

CTA / Persuasive Writing

Have you heard about the Call to Action button (CTA) on a Website?  That button directs the visitor to click on it to take a chosen action.  If no one clicks on it a potential sale is lost.  In order to encourage that click, the button should be carefully carved out, placed in a prominent position in contrast with the rest of the page.  If the visitors take that action it could lead to finding something to benefit them.  Many people would bypass that button if the writing around it is not compelling or persuasive enough.  This is where key persuasive words are equally important like in the rest of the content.  Those key words must appeal to the visitors’ sentiments, create a message of urgency, an improvement in their lives, offer a free trial or simply, to learn more about the product or service.  All that is needed at this point is to get your visitors to click on that CTA button, which could bring about an eventual sale for your business.

All together these elements contribute to the part where Copywriting is linked to creating a website that not only looks attractive, but also attract visitors to eventually become customers and build a successful brand.

Nendy Fritzsche

Nendy Fritzsche

Nendy Fritzsche is a brand ambassador who works with individuals and businesses of all sizes, increasing their online presence.